Level 4 Award in Supporting Children & Young People with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH)

It is estimated that one in ten children and young people have a diagnosable mental disorder – the equivalent of three pupils in every classroom across the country. Social, emotional and mental health needs are recognised as one of the greatest social challenges of our time (DfE, 2017). A focus on deepening the knowledge and skills of staff within schools is crucial to developing approaches, which have positive impact on outcomes for children and young people.

This course is designed to build knowledge and confidence and develop a range of practical skills to fulfil a teaching or support role for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs.

On successful completion, you will gain a Level 4 award in supporting children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and 6 level 4 credits from Gateway Qualifications.

Course Delivery

The course is offered online and as a blended pathway. The course runs twice a year, with Spring and Autumn start dates. The course duration is six months.

The course is accessed online via laptop/tablet/phone.

If your school / setting is located in one of our partner local authorities or boroughs, you will take the blended pathway. This consists of access to the online course materials and additional workshop sessions delivered by your local authority / borough team.

Course Content

The course incorporates, but is not limited to the following learning outcomes:

  • Investigate the roles and responsibilities of different professionals, working in schools / settings and beyond, to support children and young people with SEMH. This will include an exploration of how your own role contributes to the effectiveness of support.
  • Investigate typical social and emotional development and the factors that may increase a child or young person’s risk of developing SEMH needs.
  • Investigate early identification of SEMH needs.
  • Develop knowledge of how to analyse the relationship between SEMH needs and other areas of development.
  • Investigate strategies for supporting children and young people with SEMH needs.
  • Develop appropriate techniques to engage children and young people in the support process and provide opportunities for them to develop their skills.
  • Reflect on current practice, in light of your new learning, through a small-scale project.


You are required to complete a portfolio to evidence the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria of the course. You will be allocated an online Learning Outcomes Assessor, who will support this journey and provide feedback on the evidence submitted.

Benefit to your Organisation

  • Building the capacity of staff to better support children and young people with SEMH needs in your school or setting.
  • Impacting positively on pupil outcomes and progress.
  • Helping improve independent learning behaviours and self-regulation of children who have both short / longer-term difficulties with their social and emotional development and mental health needs.

Entry Requirements

The course is open to those:

  • Working in a teaching or support role in early years/primary/secondary schools & educational establishments
  • Building a portfolio of Level 4 SEND related qualifications.
  • Wishing to add this course as a unit, on the journey towards the Diploma in Supporting Learners from Vulnerable Groups (more information available on our website).

Course cost

The course is being offered online at a cost of £195+VAT. In local areas, where the blended pathway is established and local workshop sessions are offered, the cost of the course may differ

In order to deliver this qualification, we currently work in partnership with the following organisation: