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All SENCOs new to role since 2009 must successfully complete the National Award for SEN Coordination within three years of coming into post. The Eastern Partnership UK (SEND) has been delivering the National Award since January 2010 and has a strong track record of providing a high quality, cutting edge course delivered by well respected, up-to-date and experienced trainers. The course will enable you to meet the nationally prescribed learning outcomes and because you can attend the training in your local area you will have the advantage of being able to access information about systems and processes which directly relate to your school or setting.

We are pleased to announce that we are now a member of the National Award for SEN Coordination Provider Group.


Successful completion awards 60 Masters Level credits through the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Education. You then have the option to use these credits for further study, taking you to either a diploma or an MA in Education and Leadership.


In addition to attending training, study clusters and accessing the supervision support, each participant must complete two 4500 word assignments at Masters Level. Your study will be guided by experienced tutors throughout the course, and the assignments will demonstrate your growing knowledge as a SENCO and your ability to lead change to policy and practice across the school.

Benefits to You
  • You will achieve 60 Masters level credits through the University of Hertfordshire School of Education – these can be used to further your study, taking you to either a diploma or an MA in Education and Leadership. In addition you will achieve knowledge, skills and a high level of confidence in each of the nationally prescribed learning outcomes which are essential to achieving the National Award for SEN Coordination.
  • You will benefit from face-to-face teaching, seminars and study groups which offer you the best learning environment in which to shape your leadership role.
  • You will be able to impact strategically on systems and practices across the school.
  • This course will enable you to access information and training at both national and local level.
  • You will gain in depth knowledge and skills to enable you to lead on the development of policy and practice for children and young people with special educational needs in your school or educational setting.
Benefit to your Organisation
  • Ensures you are statutorily compliant.
  • A SENCO who has successfully completed the National Award for SEN Coordination with the Eastern Partnership will provide strong leadership and a strategic approach to developing policy and practice aimed at improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND.
Programme Costs

The cost of the 2017-18 National Award for SEN Coordination is £1795+VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many face-to-face days am I expected to attend?
There are seven face-to-face days in total (different dates for each area).

How practical is the course?
You will be expected to show how you are putting your new learning into practice. To help you meet the National Award for SEN coordination learning outcomes and achieve the 60 Masters level credits, focused practical tasks will be required of you following each of the teaching days. You will be able to access relevant and up-to-date reading from a dedicated Eastern Partnership resource bank as well as having full access to the University of Hertfordshire library through their Studynet site or by visiting the library if you are based nearby.

The course runs for one academic year, when will I be expected to write assignments?
The first assignment will contain information showing the outcomes, analysis and reflections on tasks set between day one of the course in September/October through to the midpoint of the training. The second assignment will focus on completing an action research project identifying an area of work which is a priority for each SENCO in their school.

What happens if I can’t attend one of the face-to-face training days?
It is important that you attend all face-to-face teaching days, but if a sudden, unexpected reason means you are unable to attend we ask you to contact our administration team to arrange to attend a teaching day in another area.

Will there be supervision for my assignment work?
The team of tutors who lead the face-to-face training will provide supervision for the work you undertake for your assignments. Organisational arrangements for supervision will be explained at the start of the course by your local tutors.

How much does the training cost?
The cost of the programme is £1795+VAT.

I am an aspiring SENCO. Can I do the course?
You must have QTS, QTLS or EYTS* to be eligible to register for the course. If you are an aspiring SENCO it is important to talk to the Programme Leader to discuss how you will carry out the practical tasks required to meet the nationally prescribed learning outcomes and the 60 credit Master’s level requirements. It is important also that you have the full support of the head teacher/principal of the school or setting in which you intend to do the work, This will ensure you can successfully complete the full range of tasks required to achieve the Award.

* Successful completion of the course for those with EYTS allows for the National Award to be validated in the Early Years sector and phase only.

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is our online learning platform which you will have access to throughout the course. Reading materials and resources, as well as the training day materials/PowerPoints will be uploaded each time you have a teaching day and throughout the course to assist with learning and development. You will be expected to access a certain amount of the information in order to pass the course.

You will be set up with a unique log in prior to the course commencing and you can continue to use this facility throughout the duration of your course.

You can access the LMS at any time either by clicking ‘Access LMS’ in the main menu of the site, or by clicking here.

Our Partners

In order to deliver this qualification, we work in partnership with the following organisations:

University of Hertfordshire

Bedford Borough Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

Carillon (covering Southend-on-Sea)

Essex County Council

Herts for Learning

London Borough of Redbridge

Norfolk County Council

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough Learning Partnership

Suffolk County Council

*Interchangeable use of the language SEN/SEND.

How to register

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