Advanced SENCO Award

The Advanced SENCO Award is a unique programme which is available as an accredited course or as an exciting CPD opportunity depending on the outcome you want to achieve. It builds on the learning from the National Award for SEN Coordination programme and develops a specific focus on introducing and embedding change. The programme is particularly valuable for those who are carrying out the SENCO role in more than one school or guiding the work of other SENCOs within groups of schools.

Course Content

  • Strategic work with colleagues within school or across schools.
  • Improving participation in learning in a variety of contexts.
  • Leading, developing and where necessary, challenging practice.
  • Evaluating evidence about learning.
  • Developing, monitoring and evaluating systems within one or multiple settings.
  • Implementing change.
  • Your learning will impact on your personal and professional qualities as a SENCO.

The knowledge and skills you will gain are in line with the national learning outcomes for SENCOs and are intended to broaden and deepen knowledge and skills in each of the outcome areas.

Accreditation and CPD routes

You can choose one of two routes:

Accredited Route: 30 M level credits (University of Hertfordshire)

  • Attend the 5 face-to-face teaching days
  • Complete a school/setting-based action research project
  • Present a summary of your project during the final face-to-face session
  • Write a 4500 word assignment describing your school-based project

Non-accredited CPD route:

  • Attend the 5 face-to-face teaching days
  • Complete a school/setting-based action research project
  • Present a summary of your project during the final face-to-face session

Entry Requirements

Participants must hold Qualified Teacher Status and have either successfully completed the National Award for SEN Coordination or have been a SENCO in post since 2009.

Benefits to You

For those wishing to continue their journey towards an MA in Educational Leadership or SEND and Inclusion, this provides an exciting opportunity to further develop SENCO knowledge, skills and practice whilst gaining a further 30 M level credits.

For SENCOs who wish to take the non-accredited CPD route, the opportunity to acquire up-to-date cutting-edge knowledge to help develop SENCO practice is the prime purpose. The project work gives a meaningful way to put ideas into action and the contact with SENCOs from across the region helps to extend thinking and consider new ideas and different perspectives.

Benefit to your Organisation

  • The development, monitoring, and evaluation of systems and practices within one or multiple settings.
  • The increased knowledge and experience gained through this course will be invaluable to schools and education settings wishing to guarantee high quality SEND provision.
  • SENCOs will use leadership skills to carry out a school-based project designed to develop practice and provision for children and young people with SEND.

Delivery Pattern and Venues

Where numbers allow the course is delivered in multiple areas across the region and additional groups can be set up in other areas where there are 10 or more participants.

The course is delivered by qualified and highly experienced tutors and comprises five teaching days with time being  given on the final day to share project summaries.

Programme Costs

Accredited route: £985+VAT

(Accreditation by the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire)

Certificated route: £625+VAT

Our Learner Management System (LMS)

The LMS is the Eastern Partnership’s online learning platform which you will have access to throughout the course. Reading materials and resources, as well as the training day materials/PowerPoints will be uploaded each time you have a teaching day and throughout the course to assist with learning and development.

You will be set up with a unique log in prior to the course commencing and you can continue to use this facility throughout the duration of your course.

For those who are current participants you can access the LMS at any time either by clicking ‘Access LMS’ in the main menu of the site, or by clicking here.

You will also have access to resources and materials from the Regional SEND Forum for which log-in details will be sent prior to starting the course.

How to register

The next Advanced SENCO Award programme begins in January 2020. Please click the button below to register your interest.

Current Dates

Please note that these dates are for groups which have already begun and are for reference only. The dates for the next upcoming cohort are displayed in green.


Venue: The Nucleus

Day 1 – Wednesday 16th January 2019
Day 2 – Tuesday 12th February 2019
Day 3 – Tuesday 19th March 2019
Day 4 – Friday 26th April 2019
Day 5 – Tuesday 21st May 2019


Venue: Hethel Engineering Centre

Day 1 – Friday 18th January 2019
Day 2 – Friday 15th February 2019
Day 3 – Friday 22nd March 2019
Day 4 – Friday 10th May 2019
Day 5 – Friday 24th May 2019

We work in partnership with the following organisations to deliver the Advanced SENCO Award: